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Argento Kimolos

Rental Rooms

In the outskirts of Hora , 1,5km away from the port – within 7 mins walkinglies, Argento a new tourist accomodation, built entirely with materials taken from the island Kimolos. Stones curved in hand, kalamote knitted, that offer both beauty and simplicity. The view from the veranda is stunning: The city of Hora, with the old wind mills , and the blue sea of the Aegean strech in frond of the guests. A picturesque unihabiteed island, Polyaigos, rests in the middle. The beautiful stone bunqalows are confortable, peaceful so that the guest can enjoy their holidays away from their heitic lifestyle.

It consists of three bungalows.

The first one is next to the street with a huge veranda ant the stunning view of Hora and the Agean Sea. There is a yard too, at the back of the bungalow. It is built of stone, so it is a cool inside. It is furnished an decorated in the traditional way, with a double ironbed, a big wardrobes, a dining table and chairs, fully equipped kitchen and the bathroom, which was also built in the traditional way. This bungalow can serve a third guest too.

The other two bungalows have a yard each and they face Hora. They are, also, decorated and furnished in the same traditional way. Double ironbeds, big wardrobes, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Are waiting for the two guests they can sleep.





The bangalows offer

Parking Space

Free Wi-Fi

Air Conditioning

Kitchen Facilities



Personal Hygiene Equipment








Find us in Kimolos one of the most picturesque island in Cyclades, northwest of Sifnos and very close to the island of Milos. The island glows under the sun and it is full of natural beauties and gorgeous beaches.

What to visit

  • The beautiful port of Psathi
  • The Kimolos Hora, with its castle, and the so distinctive white washed houses
  • Skiadi, the stone mushroom, a natural wonder
  • Swim in exotic beaches with crystal clear waters
  • Boat rides can take you to hidden beaches , small istaunds and ofcourse visit Milos to enjoy swimming and diving.

Daily Escapes

Argento invites you to enjoy yourself in Kimolos, to relax ant to taste the traditional cuisine and the quality products the island produces and offers generously.